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Rafkill( used to be Raptor ) homepage

Rafkill is a vertical scrolling shoot-em up game like the original Raptor: Call of the shadows and Tyrian.

You can download Rafkill by clicking the [Download] link on the left.


January 27th, 2007:
Rafkill 1.2.3 released. This is just a minor bugfix for the shatter gun that a few people have reported.

August 21st, 2006:
Rafkill 1.2.2 released. Save configuration to a file so key bindings dont have to be remade every time. Now you can download a windows installer or the plain source and compile it yourself.

May 7th, 2006:
Rafkill 1.2.1 released. I changed the name from Raptor to Rafkill to avoid legal issues with Raptor: Call of the Shadows which Rafkill is based on. This release is a major bugfix to 1.2.0 which was quite buggy. New/interesting features are planned for 1.3.0.